MORE 1.1c demo

  • Following is a bullet chart presentation that was included with MORE 1.1c, shipped by Living Videotext in 1986.
  • Restored through the magic of file format compatibility, and a little diggin. :-)
  • Dave Winer, September 2012


  • Mel Singleton, President
  • Themes
  • The Company's Position
  • Opportunities
  • Goals
  • Accomplishments Since Last Meeting
  • Informal Discussion -- Questions and Answers


  • Last year was increased sales and market penetration
  • This year profitability, industry leadership and consolidation

The Company's Position

  • High-tech conglomerate
  • Leader in acquisitions
  • Risk averse for the next six quarters


  • Accumulate cash for next round of acquisitions
  • Further penetrate markets where we have strengths
  • Encircle likely acquisition targets


  • Profitability
    • Five consecutive months of outstanding profitability
    • More conservative advertising strategy
    • Trimmer operations
  • Customer image
    • Highest-quality customer relations
    • Alliances with other high-quality firms

Goals, cont'd

  • Product development
    • Link newly acquired products with the American Tech system
    • Prepare next-generation products in key technological areas
  • Increased sales
    • Sell newly acquired technology to base of American Tech users


  • Completed acquisition strategy
  • Ready to resume profitable operation

Formal Meeting

  • Mark Schaffler, Secretary
  • Election of new board
  • Election of auditors

Election of new board

  • Bart Lock, Chairman of the Board
  • Mike Caufield, general partner, Major Venture Partners, Director
  • Rudy Kiesler, president and founder of United Pioneer, Director
  • Elio Malatesta, former US Senator (Dem.-Louisiana), Director
  • Ken Underwood, president of NYLEX, Director

Election of auditors

  • Arthur Lunde, Inc.

Videotape Presentations

  • "We Are American Tech!"
    • "Ten minutes of pure, unadulterated excitement" -- Hi-Tech Advertising
    • "Sure we're biased, but we think American Tech is great!" -- Mel Singleton
  • "Amtech Automation -- Our Newest Acquisition"
    • interview with Mel Singleton, President of American Tech
    • visit the facilities of Amtech Automation with Mel

"Project Claybasket"

  • a video replay of the magic surrounding "Zero Hour Day"
  • starts with the predawn pep rally, Good Morning America
  • and goes through the closing of the New York Stock Exchange